Concrete shall be so designed or chosen as to have a homogeneous mix having a slump/workability consistent with the method of concreting under the given conditions of pile installation. The slump should be 150 to 180 mm at the time of pouring.The minimum grade of concrete to be used for piling shall be M 25. For sub aqueous concrete, the requirements specified in IS 456 shall be followed. The minimum cement content shall be 400 kg/m3. However, with proper mix design and use of proper admixtures the cement content may be reduced but in no case the cement content shall be less than 350 kg/m3.For the concrete, water and aggregates specifications laid down in IS 456 shall be followed in general.The average compressive stress under working load should not exceed 25 percent of the specified works cube strength at 28 days calculated on the total cross-sectional area of the pile. Where the casing of the pile is permanent, of adequate thickness and of suitable shape, the allowable compressive stress may be increased.