DTH Truck Mounted Machine : 06 Nos

 DTH Truck Mounted Machine : 06 Nos.


1. It is applied to different drilling conditions.

2. Hydraulic control, mounted on truck, with easy operation and transportation.

3. Four hydraulic standing legs for stable working.

4. Automatic loading and unloading drill rods, automatic clearing wells.

5. Using air compressor feeding, DTH hammer drilling, highly efficient for hard rocks.


DFQ series is much more efficient than the traditional rotary drilling rigs, can drill very hard rocks, gravel, pebble stratum, DFQ series can work efficiently under all kinds of geological structure. Suitable for drilling water wells, agricultural irrigation well, geothermal air-conditioning hole and other uses, especially for water engineering in mountainous and rock areas.

To meet different user requirements, we design and manufactuer different capacity: 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 500m, 600m. Besides drilling for water well, also applied in coring work, geological exploration, soil test, blast hole and other aspects, with different chassis:

(1) four-wheel trailer mounted

(2) crawler mounted self-propelled

(3) truck mounted