Technical Specifications for Dumper 14 m3 1. Box Interior Dimensions: 5.60 m length x 2.30 m width x 1.4 m height (horizontal part) 2. Volume: 14m3 3. Chassis of subframe: Produced from two longitudinal members as U channels made of sheet metal, 8 mm thickness. Each U channel is stiffened as a box and supported with cross members and stiffeners. 4. Box • Floor : Produced from sheet metal of 12 mm thickness, and supported with standard angles of 70 mm thickness .The floor is fixed on two longitudinal U channels of 8 mm thickness representing the box chassis floor which is supported with 8 mm U profile cross members. • Front & Side walls : Produced from sheet metal of 8 mm thickness and supported with U profile boxes of 6 mm thickness. 5. Stabilizer: The box is equipped with a stabilizer for safety during tipping.