2. The HR 180, one of our most sold models, because of its versatility, and it is easily adaptable to many different applications such as:
  3. Drilling with augers or buckets
  4. Execution of drilling casings directly with rotary and by casing oscillator
  5. Continuous Flight Auger (CFA)
  6. Diaphragm Wall
  7. Execution of Double Head drilling
  8. The HR 180 is available in two versions:
  9. HR 180 CP
  10. The standard version, is equipped with a Pull-down Cylinder which exerts it’s force on the rotary, and is principally utilized for drilling large diameter bore holes. The rotary is able to work with a stroke of 5.100 m (17 ft) approx. The HR 180 CP uses a parallelogram system of articulation
  11. HR 180 THD
  12. Available upon request, The THD system moves the rotary by utilizing the winch, allowing the rotary to be used along a larger stroke of the mast, 10 m (33 ft) approx.
  13. The THD version is particularly useful for driving and extracting casing tubes directly by the rotary, and without a doubt increasing your daily productivity. The HR 180 drilling rig base is already predisposed for all the various works listed above
    Nominal torque 233kn/m
    Unloading speed 140kn/m
    Rotary pull down 180/40500lbs
    Winches nominal pull back of the main winch 164-180* KN / 36900 – 40500* Ibs
    Nominal pull of the service winch 80 KN / 18000 Ibs
    Various Caterpillar Diesel engine 335 HP (248 KW) @2100 rpm
    Mast leveling  4 Hydraulic tank 800 liters / 211 gal
    Fuel tank 430 liters / 114 gal
    Kelly elements number             3/4/5
    Weight 57000 Kg – 60000 Kg / 125628 – 132240 Ibs