Under this contract, the successful tenderer has to supply a water bowzer
on a Ashok Leyland Taurus 2516 H, 6*4 BS III Chassis or of an
equivalent capacity.
a) Fabrication and mounting of 14000 Ltrs capacity water tank as
per specification.
ii) Supply and mounting of High & Low Pressure fire fighting pump as
per specification.
iii) Supply and mounting of water monitor.
B) USE: The Water Tanker shall be used to carry the water for
fire fighting purposes. The pump will be driven by P.T.O.
i) The water tank shall have a capacity of 14000 ltrs when fully filled
and made from MS sheet confirming to IS: 2062, and Rectangular in
shape with round corners. The tank shall be mounted on the chassis
behind the driver’s cabin. The detailed design drawing of the tank with its
mounting shall be submitted with tender for scrutiny.
ii) The water tank shall be mounted behind the driver cabin with a
gap of min.450mm.
iii) The mounting of tank shall be directly on the chassis and as per
the design approved by the chassis manufacturer.
iv) The tanks shall be rectangular, with inbuilt forming (reinforced
ribs) on both the sides. The sheet thickness shall be as follows
Bottom : 6mm
Sides/ Front/ Rear / Top : 4mm
Baffles : 4mm
v) The approx. dimensions of the water tank shall be:
Length 5500 mm
Width 2495 mm
Height 1200 mm
vi) The tank construction shall be such that there shall be no
leakage and shall have overlapped joints of 25.4mm between the bottom
sheet and side sheets. The bottom sheet corner shall be rolled upward up
to a minimum of 300mm height and shall be welded to side sheets. The
dimensions of the tank along with the recess for fire pump shall be
clearly stated in the offer along with detailed volumetric calculation.
vii) All the welding shall be by MIG welding process only. The
welding of the tank shell shall be in such a manner that the first beading
is from inside the shell and subsequent bead from outside the shell.
The welded surface shall be cleaned of all slags, scale etc. There shall
be minimum joints in the tank shell and hence plates used for fabrication
of tank shall be of maximum size.
viii) The tank shall be mounted on the chassis with minimum
of four saddle supports placed as per the availability of bolt holes in the
chassis frame. The details shall be submitted along with the offer.
These supports shall be fabricated from M.S. plate of minimum 10
mm thick with a reinforcement plates of 6 mm thick welded to tank shell
from outside to the bottom sheet up to with continuous welding.
ix) M.S. plate of suitable size and thickness shall be welded to the
tank mounting pedestal for mounting the tank on mounting brackets
provided in the chassis frame as per chassis manufacturer’s
recommendation. The plates/brackets fitted to chassis frame shall also
be provided with suitable gusset plates for reinforcement.
x) The tank shall be fitted on the chassis with the help of 5/8” dia.
High tensile bolts with nylock nuts.
xi) The tank shall be mounted slightly sloping towards the rear so as
to decant the tank completely
xii) There shall be two circular manhole of 600 mm dia.
mounted on top of the tank.
xiii) The water tight manhole cover with good quality of rubber
gasket shall be bolted to the collar of manhole. The manhole cover
shall be provided with round threaded blank cap with lugs of 10″ dia. with
rubber gasket.
xiv) The tank shall be provided with suitable arrangement of baffle
plates to prevent the surge of water when the vehicle is in motion
and accelerating, braking in speed and covering. The arrangement of
baffle plates shall be clearly shown in the drawing.
xv) The baffle shall be arranged in a manner to facilitate the
movement of a person throughout the tank for cleaning and welding
xvi) Suitable eyes shall be provided on the shell of water tank to
enable it to be lifted from the vehicle for repairs/replacement as and when
xvii) The tank shall be fitted with 100 mm dia. overflow pipe of ‘C’ class
galvanized taken down below the chassis but without reducing the ground
xviii) The tank shall be fitted with one 63 mm instantaneous hydrant
connection with non return valve, closed to pump panel for filling the tank
throughout 50 mm above galvanized ‘C’ class pipe.
xix) A draw pipe of 100 mm dia. of ‘C’ class galvanized shall be taken
from the tank to the pump suction inlet, incorporating 100 mm
butterfly valve of “Audco” make flexible connection (Rubber Bellow)
shall be provided to this pipe to take the vibrations. A suitable size
sump shall be provided below the tank to connect water draw pipe with
SS strainer.
xx) A drain cock with 50 mm Audco make ball valve shall be
provided at the bottom of water tank.
xxi) The inside and outside surface of the tank shall be prepared with
sand blasting to remove the complete corrosion of M.S. material including
baffle plates and immediately two coats of Epoxy primer shall be
applied from inside and outside. The tank shall be offered for
inspection immediately after sand blasting is completed before epoxy
primer is applied.
xxii) The inside surface of water tank shall be provided with two
coats of anti corrosive paint i.e. Epoxy paint manufactured by ICI, MRF,
Goodlas Nerolac, Asian paints or of equivalent quality.
xxiii) A cat ladder shall be provided and fitted at the rear of water
tank and fabricated out of 1″ dia. M.S. tabular pipe and 2 mm thick.
xxiv) The complete top of water tank shall be covered with 10 SWG
aluminium chequered plate and fixed to the frame fabricated from 40*40*4
mm M.S. angles properly welded to the tank shell. The chequered plates
shall be bolted to this frame and shall be removable type.
xxv) Suction hose brackets of aluminum sheet of 3.15 mm
thick with suitable fastening arrangement shall be provided on the
top deck to accommodate 4 nos. 100 mm dia and 2.5 mtrs. length
suction hoses with male and female couplings.
xxvi) The locker of suitable size shall be provided with doors
and locking arrangement on both sides. The location and size
shall be shown in the drawing. These lockers will be used for keeping
delivery hoses accessories and high pressure hose reel. The structure
of the locker shall be made from 40 x 40 x 4 mm thick M.S. angles
with 16 SWG aluminium paneling from outside and 16 SWG
aluminum chequered plate from inside. The floor paneling of
locker shall be 10 SWG aluminum chequered plates.
xxvii) Suitable rear mudguards made from 16 SWG M.S. sheet with
reinforcing ribs shall be provided and supported on M.S. brackets.
xxviii) A suitable towing hook shall be provided at the rear of vehicle.
xxix) An additional draw pipe of 100 mm dia. of ‘C’ class
galvanized incorporating 100 mm butterfly “Audco” make
valve with gun metal, female suction hose coupling shall be
provided to the rear side of the vehicle.
xxx) A suitable size recess shall be provided in the tank in the
lower front side to accommodate the fire pump. The volumetric
capacity of the tank shall not be reduced due to this recess and shall
remain 14000 ltrs.
b) Suitable locker provision shall be made at a convenient place to carry
10 Nos. Delivery Hoses and 5 Nos.Branch pipes.
2.1. Pump shall be rear mounted, discharging capacity shall be
2250 lpm at 8.5kg/cm2 and 300lpm at 35 kg/cm2 pressure and should
be compact in size. The complete pump assembly made of GM confirming
to IS:318 LTB2 with SS pump shaft and will be carrying in anti friction
bearings. Full technical details of the pump shall have to be furnished
by the fabricator/manufacturer and the pump confirms to certain BIS
certifications, details of the same shall have to be furnished in the
tender. Pump shall be rear mounted pump reciprocating priming type.
The pump shall be fitted with suitable seal of self adjusting
type. The pump casing and impeller shall be free from casting defeats
such as blow holes etc.
2.2. For operating the pump , at required pressure and discharge
quantity of water, engine power shall be transferred by providing the
Power Take Off arrangement of appropriate capacity and type, lever
of transfer of engine power either hydraulic or pneumatic shall be from
driver’s cabin. Power take off shall be indigenous. Pump PTO ratio
should be matched to prevent engine wear and tear. The pump
shall be preferably completely covered, however, all the controls on the
panel and the gauges shall be uncovered. A control lever for engaging
and disengaging the pump, with suitable locking devices, shall be
provided in the driver’s cab. Cooling system should also be provided to
the P.T.O. (Power Take Off).
Note: The propeller shafts should be integral pieces free from joints or