Pre-cast Concrete Piles

Manufactured off site in factory controlled conditions, Balaji Borewell Pvt. L Piling use fully reinforced precast concrete piles, in single lengths up to 14m.
Where soil conditions dictate, piles are jointed using fully interlocking mechanical joints.
Being fully reinforced with a minimum of a 4 bar cage allows for a more rigid pile allowing greater driving stress and high production rates and working capacities. Horizontal and tension loads can also be accommodated.
Precast concrete piles are suitable for a wide range of ground conditions and are typically more economically advantageous than other piling systems as there is no spoil to dispose of and higher strength concrete allows for a smaller pile in comparison to an equivalent bored pile.
High strength concrete piles have high chemical resistance and are not affected by the presence of ground water.

Balaji borewell pvt. ltd. Precast concrete piles are an efficient form of piling, generating no spoil for costly disposal, using high quality materials and allowing for immediate follow on work.