CONTRACT CC-77-construction.

CONTRACT CC-77-construction of viaduct and station for YMCA –ballabgarh-Extension of delhi MRTS phase III.

OWNER OF PROJECT- delhi metro rail corporation (DMRC)

Client- L & T Construction

Contractor-balaji borewell pvt. Ltd. (BBPL)

Scope of work

To carry out piling works by hydraulic rotary piling rigs for 1000mm ,1200mm dia piles including providing temporary casing of required length , in all type of strata by using suitable drilling tools, socketing, necessary load testing all complete.use of concrete M30/20 in cast in situ vertical bored

the scope will cover all works connected with installations and testing of bored cast-in-situ piles with pile-cap and allied works including mobilizations of rigs and other equipment their erection/dismantling/transportation/assembling and erecting from one area to another within in plant, preparation of firm ground as required for supporting the piles above PCL (Pile cut of level) and embedding the exposed reinforcement of pile in pile cap, removal of debris etc. casting of ile cap as specified in contract document and RFC (Released for construction)

Conducting initial load test on cast in situ bored piles (excluding cost of installation of piles which is to be paid separately under relevant terms),including provision and erection of all kentledge,(including boring and installation of anchor/anchor piles; if required)supporting blocks, loading, frame, necessary, load arrangements for carry out test, excavation, dewatering, backfilling with proper compaction of pile test pit, preparing the scheme for pile testing and pile head for conducting the test and submission of test results etc. with all labour ,material ,equipment, handling, transportation, testing etc. completed as per the approved scheme, drawings, specification, and instruments of the engineer   in charge for piles


A worker is responsible for providing

clothing needed for protection against the natural elements,

General purpose work gloves and appropriate footwear including safety footwear.

Safety headgear.

An employer is responsible for providing, at no cost to the worker, all other items of personal protective equipment required by this Regulation.

If the personal protective equipment provided by the employer cause seller genie or other adverse health effects, the employer must provide appropriate alternate equipment or safe measures.

3.1.1 Selection, Use and Maintenance

Personal protective equipment (PPE) must

be selected and used in accordance with recognized standards, and provide effective protection,

not in itself create a hazard to the wearer,

be compatible, so that one item of personal protective equipment does not make another item ineffective, and

be maintained in good working order and in a sanitary condition.

If the use of personal protective equipment creates hazards equal to or greater than those its use is intended to prevent, alternative personal protective equipment must be used or other appropriate measures must be taken.