Steel Tubular Piling

Steel tubular piles utilize reclaimed steel tube primarily from the oil and gas industries. Top driven with highly efficient modern accelerated hammers, high vertical and horizontal load capacities are achievable relative to the section sizes. Being of slender cross section and low displacement, piles can be driven in noise and vibration sensitive situations, where other pile types would not be suitable.

Driven in lengths up to 14m, the high strength of the steel section gives the advantage of being suited to aggressive and complex ground conditions containing cobbles and/or boulder obstructions, sloping rock head or contamination. Piles are continuously driven using a threaded coupler joint, with off cuts used on subsequent piles, minimizing wastage.
Trimming of the piles is generally undertaken by flame cutting without the risk of hand arm vibration.
Reclaimed steel tubular piling is a quality, fast and efficient form of piling, generating no spoil for costly disposal and eliminating potential programmer delays from obstructions, curing times and safety hazards.