Team Member


Raghunath Singh Ranwa

Sailing back to 2001, I recall laying foundation of the Company with a clear vision and a small but dynamic team as if it was yesterday. Balaji Borewell Pvt. Ltd. Has passed through significant stage from its beginning, growth, and expansion, now, the company is playing a pivotal part in building India’s economy through world-class infrastructure. During more than fifteen years in the field of pilling work, it has successfully completed more than 324 major projects justifying the company’s penchant for undertaking challenging projects. It has also successfully extended its geographic reach, with presence in four corners of the nation. Balaji Borewell Pvt. Ltd. has been able to anticipate and evolve, offering our customers modem, more sophisticated solution that they deserve for operational excellence. All this has been possible due to the team’s utilization of contemporary technology to keep pace with the changing times. We are quite optimistic about the years ahead. I can proudly exhort that Balaji Borewell Pvt. Ltd. can design and build any project-however challenging and scale it may be, without cost overrun and while complying with highest standards of quality and workmanship.