Vertical Pile Load test Contractor

Initial load test on pile: – A test pile is tested to determine the load-carrying capacity of the pile by loading either to its ultimate load or to twice the or 2.5 Times estimated safe load.
Balaji borewell pvt ltd is the contractor of vertical pile load test in this process vertical load test is performed on pile.
Equipment required:-
1. Hydraulic jack no. 2 or 3(diameter 320ram 520stroke)
2. Datum bar no. 2
3. Dial gauge no. 4
4. Mirror no. 4
5. Steel plate no. minimum
6. Primary beam no. 1 (capacity 22 ton)
7. Secondary beam no. 35 to 38 (capacity 73.1 kg/m)
8. Block size no. according to load (1.2*1.2*1.2*2.4)
Hydraulic machine no. 1
This test is required for one or more of the Follwing purposes. This is done in case of important and major projects and number of tests may be one or more depending upon the number of piles required.
a) Determination of ultimate load capacities and arrival at safe load by application of factor of safety,
b) To provide guidelines for setting up the limits of acceptance for rou tine telts,
c) To study the effect of piling on adjacent existing structures and take decision for the suitability of type of piles to be used,
d) To get an idea of suitability of piling system, and
e) To have a check on calculated load by dynamic or static approaches.
• Preparation of pile head 900mm from bottom
• All necessary equpment placed on pile head during test including jack,plate,dial gauge datum bar
• tilt should be carried out by appliead load series of vertical downward incremental load each increment being of about 20 percent of safe load at the pile.
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